e·ter·nize (ĭ-tûr′nīz′)

a. To make eternal.

b. To protract for an indefinite period.

c. To make perpetually famous; immortalize.

The beautiful contradiction -- that a flower gifts us with its presence only for a moment but speaks for eternity.

What lessons could we learn from those short moments that would stay with us forever? If we looked close enough would flowers speak to us? What would they say? They speak a deeper language. Love on display from a product man cannot create. Flowers speak silently to places in our hearts that spoken works cannot touch.

There is something about a flower. It has a superior simplicity. It knows of places we do not. Higher thoughts. Thoughts that teach us to stop, listen and truly see. Flowers do not worry; they are always at peace. No matter what we strive for, we can never be as beautiful as they. Turning their face to the sun they want for nothing yet do not lack anything.

What is it about flowers that causes an old man to spend hours lovingly tendering to his rose bushes? What makes a child pick a dandelion and present it with pride to his mother? Why do girls sit and make daisy chains and crowns of flowers to place upon their heads? What do they see in the flowers? What do they hear?

Flowers speak to us at a depth where no word can go, a secret language where words fail us. If only we could hear what they would say.

"The visually stunning new book from floral photographer Amelia Holland and calligrapher Lauren Hung. With a shared love for flowers and their belief that flowers speak a language that transcends the limitations of the spoken language, this book explores what flowers might say if they could speak."

A coffee table book featuring 80 images of flowers & calligraphy.

Black cloth bound with paper jacket. 250x250mm square.

ISBN 978-0-473-32885-6

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( Update Dec 2018: Sorry book is now SOLD OUT but we have a couple of display copies left to loan out. Please contact us if interested. )